Learning Online:
Are You Ready?

Distance Learning Readiness Survey

Are you ready to learn at a distance? Take the 14-question survey below to find out if this type of course is right for you. Choose one answer for each question. Remember, no one will see this but you!

1. I need to take this course now:

2. I am willing to study for this course:

3. I am able to spend time working on my class:

4. If I need to go to campus to complete an orientation or to take tests:

5. I live:

6. When working on assignments and tests:

7. I learn best when class material is presented:

8. I am comfortable communicating through reading and writing:

9. Seeing my classmates and hearing their voices is:

10. I believe that classroom discussions are:

11. It is important for me to have comments on my assignments:

12. I can:

13. If I need help:

14. When I am asked to use DVDs, VCRs, TVs, computers, e-mail, or other technologies:


Used with permission of Harper College Center for Innovative Instruction