Learning Online:
Learning Style Survey

Distance Learning Style Survey

How do you learn best? Take the 44-question survey below to find out more about your learning strengths.

Choose one answer for each question. Remember, no one will see this but you!

1. I understand something better after I:
2. I would rather be considered:
3. When I think about what I did yesterday, I am most likely to get:
4. I tend to:
5. When I am learning something new, it helps me to:
6. If I were a teacher, I would rather teach a course:
7. I prefer to get new information in:
8. Once I understand:
9. In a study group working on difficult material, I am more likely to:
10. I find it easier:
11. In a book with lots of pictures and charts, I am likely to:
12. When I solve math problems:
13. In classes I have taken:
14. In reading nonfiction, I prefer:
15. I like teachers:
16. When I'm analyzing a story or novel:
17. When I start a homework problem, I am more likely to:
18. I prefer the idea of:
19. I remember best:
20. It is more important to me that an instructor:
21. I prefer to study:
22. I am more likely to be considered:

23. When I get directions to a new place, I prefer:
24. I learn:
25. I would rather first:
26. When I am reading for enjoyment, I like writers to:
27. When I see a diagram or sketch in class, I am most likely to remember:
28. When considering a body of information, I am more likely to:
29. I more easily remember:
30. When I have to perform a task, I prefer to:
31. When someone is showing me data, I prefer:
32. When writing a paper, I am more likely to:
33. When I have to work on a group project, I first want to:
34. I consider it higher praise to call someone:
35. When I meet people at a party, I am more likely to remember:
36. When I am learning a new subject, I prefer to:
37. I am more likely to be considered:
38. I prefer courses that emphasize:
39. For entertainment, I would rather:
40. Some teachers start their lectures with an outline of what they will cover.
Such outlines are:

41. The idea of doing homework in groups, with one grade for the entire group:
42. When I am doing long calculations:
43. I tend to picture places I have been:
44. When solving problems in a group, I would be more likely to think of:


Used with permission of Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University and
Harper College Center for Innovative Instruction