Learning Online:
Student Stories

What do other students say about learning online?

You're not the only one to wonder what online learning is all about. Some successful online students shared their stories and what made a difference to them as an online learning. Listen to the story of an online student about her experiences.

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Advice from a Successful Online Student Text Version (pdf)

Students were asked ....
what advice would you give a new online student?

"You have to plan and organize your time wisely in order to be successful at the end. You can’t procrastinate."

"So you have to figure out you own learning style and your own availability so that you can mesh the two so that you are gonna be successful at the end."


"Set up your schedule. Stick to your schedule. "


"Don’t procrastinate"


"Blackboard is a great system. I enjoy the fact that with the online courses you can do the homework when your time allows. I prefer a structured course over just do it all by a certain date. This way everybody is literally on the same page. The fact that orientation is ONLINE is great, too! Who is not busy at the beginning of the semester?"


"To succeed in online classes you must be self-motivated! Take a class with a friend if you can or have support from your family. Work on assignments when you have extra time at lunch or early in the morning. Plan on spending more time on assignments in the early weeks until you get used to the class format."