Learning Online:
Time To Study

How much time do you have available for a course?

Some students believe that an online course will take less time than a traditional classroom course. While you do save time commuting to campus and attending a class, you will still need to allow time for the course.

A rule of thumb is to expect to spend at least three hours each week studying for every credit hour.

So, if you are taking a three credit hour online course, expect to spend at least nine hours on the course materials each week. It usually is better if you can spread these hours throughout the week instead of planning a marathon study session on one day.

Students today are very busy with jobs, family, friends, and social activities. Try out the Study Time Calculator below to calculate how much time you have left to study each week.

Study Time Calculator

Did you find enough hours in your schedule to take a distance learning class?
Take the Time Management Quiz to see if you already have productive time management skills.

Time Management Quiz

Time Management Tips

Would you like some tips on how to use your time more effectively? Access the Time Management Strategies Tutorial. Also, consider visiting with an academic or career counselor for assistance in learning how to manage your time more effectively.

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