Computer Skills

Use this Computer Skills orientation to meet your unique needs. If you are unsure of your computer skills, begin with the Computer Skills Check. Your instructor may also direct you to complete a specific tutorial or group of tutorials in this section.


Successful students are comfortable using the computer to complete basic tasks like:

Happy student studying

Helpful Harper College Courses

The following courses can help you further develop the computer skills needed to be a successful student in both your online and traditional campus classes.
Contact the CIS Department Coordinator for more information.

  • WEB 101 Internet Fundamentals (1 credit hour)
  • NET 100 Windows Fundamentals (1 credit hour)
  • NET 101 Windows (3 credit hours)
  • CIS 100 Computer Fundamentals (3 credit hours)
  • CAS 105 Microsoft Word (1 credit hour)
  • CAS 115 Microsoft Excel (1 credit hour)
  • CAS 126 Microsoft PowerPoint (1 credit hour)